Mark Gross

VP Product Management

Mark Gross is the VP of Product Management at NovaCHARGE.  Mark is an experienced product leader in multiple industries with over 20 years growing enterprise B2B products for companies like Nuance and Kofax, managing product portfolios of over $80M.  Mark is passionate about driving efficiencies and improving products and business processes, and has leveraged this passion into winning strategies both internally and for countless customers.

Mark Gross’s Session(s):

1:35 pm–2:05 pm | Fri, March 22, 2024

Incorporating Load Management to Optimize Your Charging Stations

This panel will discuss:

  • What is load management, why is it important, and what are some customer use cases?
  • How can the performance of EV charging load management solutions be measured, and why does that matter
  • What are the pros and cons of different smart charging types, e.g. local versus cloud-based/central smart charging
  • How may contention be resolved between multiple applications (e.g., microgrid, BAS) vying for control over the same data point
  • How many chargers can be load-managed across a customer deployment?  What is the scope?
  • Practical considerations from a technical point of view

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