Robert Kettyle

Chief Operating Officer
SimplyFuel Solutions and E.J. Ward, Inc.

Bob is the Chief Operating Officer at E.J. Ward Inc. The company was founded in 1974 to solve customers’ operational issues with fuel management accounting and the lack of automated access controls. Bob joined Ward in 2007, where he developed new innovative go-to-market strategies that successfully moved Ward to a cloud-based full-service technical solution provider and guided the evolution of EV offerings that launched SimplyFuel Solutions into the market.


Prior to Ward, Bob held leadership positions in technology companies such as Controlotron/Siemens, Enron, and Daniel Flow Products. Early in his career, Bob spent 15 years with Elizabethtown Gas, a natural gas utility. In addition, he has been a guest instructor at The Appalachian Gas Measurement School, presenting papers on Automated Metering Systems, Hydrocarbon Flow Computers, and SCADA Measurement System Integration Philosophy. Bob attended Mohawk Valley Community College while in the United States Air Force, and later Middlesex County College, Rutgers University, and Kean College in New Jersey.

Robert Kettyle’s Session(s):

1:05 pm–1:40 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Better, Faster, Cheaper: Accelerating the Electrification of Transportation

Red tape can often delay regional areas from having adequate charging for EVs.  This session is about cutting red tape and taking an alternative look to accelerate charging infrastructure for the common good.  

Key takeaways include:

  • Reviewing how key players (government entities and independent businesses) can play to their individual strengths to ensure progress towards a transparent, private marketplace
  • Understanding the policies that will best support EV adoption and easy access to the marketplace for small businesses
  • How government entities can rely on private investments for nimble development and deployment
  • How investors can collaborate with government entities to accelerate infrastructure

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