Sarah MacLean

Associate Principal
WB Engineers + Consultants

Sarah MacLean is a team leader in our Washington DC office who is driven by new ideas, methods, and solutions to design challenges. With an electrical engineering degree from Northeastern University and over 15 years of engineering and construction experience, she has excelled in delivering complex multi-disciplinary project solutions across various sectors.

Her experience in electrical engineering and project management has been essential to leading our team, particularly, in our Electrical Vehicle (EV) sector. She currently co-leads a team of 20+ team members who make up WB’s Electrical Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure group. This team is involved with bringing EV projects from conceptual feasibility through project design and permitting. In 2022, the team managed the installation of vehicle charging infrastructure for over 900 charging stalls across 30 states, 200+ jurisdictions, and 100+
different utility providers. One aspect of her work that she enjoys most is the development of strategies and processes that are tailored to
align with the client’s project objectives with the main goal of improving efficiency in overall project delivery. This work has led Sarah to maintain successful partnerships with our EV Clients to implement large-scale infrastructure rollouts.

Sarah MacLean’s Session(s):

2:10 pm–2:40 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Powering Your Site: New Construction and Retrofitting

In this session, we’ll look at critical considerations for both incorporating EV charging into new construction, as well as options for retrofitting EV charging into existing buildings. 

Key discussion topics:

  • Understand essential infrastructure to help you make the best decisions for your new build or retrofit
  • Cost-effective charging and energy storage options that minimize upgrades
  • When it makes sense to retrofit EV charging solutions into your build
  • How to speed up deployment and lower your deployment costs

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