Will Grady

Director of Business Development
EnviroSpark Energy Solutions

Will has been selling EV charging stations and installations for almost 3 years now. Our company is one of few true turnkey providers of EV charging, meaning we will design, quote, build, and provide EV charging stations to a client. This is all we have done since our inception 8 years ago. We currently cover the whole US and have worked with major OEMs in the past such as Tesla, Electrify America, Rivian, GA Power etc. Our mission is to make EV charging more accessible for everyone as this market continues to grow.

Will Grady’s Session(s):

2:10 pm–2:40 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Powering Your Site: New Construction and Retrofitting

In this session, we’ll look at critical considerations for both incorporating EV charging into new construction, as well as options for retrofitting EV charging into existing buildings. 

Key discussion topics:

  • Understand essential infrastructure to help you make the best decisions for your new build or retrofit
  • Cost-effective charging and energy storage options that minimize upgrades
  • When it makes sense to retrofit EV charging solutions into your build
  • How to speed up deployment and lower your deployment costs

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