Dave Holston

Senior Technical Trainer
Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services

Dave Holston, Sr. Technical Trainer, Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services, is a critical thinker with many industry skills and, last but not least, a family man. Since his military service, he has been in the transportation and trucking industry his entire civilian career. ASE certified in many categories, Dave has been a shop manager, a lead technician and a mentor to many young technicians across the country.  

During his 20-plus years at Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services, Dave has served in many roles from lead diagnostician on aftertreatment systems with a diagnostic accuracy rate of 90%, to shop manager and then Customer Service Advisor. In his current role, Dave teaches the entry level programs as well as advanced training for advanced technicians, facilitating all FleeTech Academy courses including the advanced mobile training FleeTech honors program.

Throughout his career Dave has desired to train and educate the new generation of elite technicians. His primary objective is to provide advanced technical training to advanced technicians. One of his favorite and most important responsibilities is enhancing the abilities of our elite in preparation for Top Tech and Super Tech national technician competitions.

For the last few years, Dave and the FleeTech Academy team have collaborated with electric vehicle manufacturers to build and deliver electric vehicle level 2 training and certification to technicians across the country.

Dave Holston’s Session(s):

10:35 am–11:20 am | Fri, March 22, 2024

Journey to Net Zero: The Electric Odyssey

Join us for a discussion featuring industry pioneers Terry Rivers, Brandon Carter, and Jack Jenkins. We’ll address the critical role of electrification in achieving net-zero supply chains, electrification's historical context, environmental impact, safety, and the importance of skilled technicians. This panel will also highlight the role of educational initiatives, such as FleeTec Academy, and the need for collaboration to address challenges and opportunities in electrification.

Key takeaways include:

  • Why electrification is crucial for supply chain sustainability.
  • How safety and efficiency are integral to achieving net-zero goals.
  • The vital role skilled technicians play in electrification efforts.
  • How educational initiatives, such as FleeTec Academy, contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Why collaboration is essential for addressing challenges and seizing opportunities in electrification.

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