John-Paul Damico

Chief Executive Officer
Field Advantage

John-Paul Damico is a leading figure in the EVSE sector, driving innovation and excellence at Field Advantage, a pioneer in technology field services. His expertise spans O&M, SLA development, and managing a vast network of technicians across the United States. His strategic collaborations, notably with PEI, TEI, and ChargeX Consortium, and his commitment to safety and training through the FACTOR Center, underscore his role as both a service leader and thought leader. Outside of his role at Field Advantage, John-Paul, residing in Kingsport, TN, finds joy in the simple moments, such as playing with his two toddlers, each of whom has a unique talent for turning a simple game of catch into an unpredictable adventure.

John-Paul Damico’s Session(s):

4:00 pm–6:00 pm | Wed, March 20, 2024

(Workshop H) Charging Maintenance and Operability for Electrical Contractors and Technicians *LIMITED SPOTS REMAINING*

Join Field Advantage for a dynamic 2-hour workshop specifically tailored for businesses cultivating a workforce aimed at EVSE Reliability. This session is pivotal for companies seeking to not only understand the current demands of the industry but also to ensure their technicians are thoroughly prepared with the necessary training and resources to effectively maintain and repair EV charging stations on a large scale.

We will be working together to identify gaps, challenges, and best practices in:

  • Technician Training: Dive into which training programs empower technicians with the knowledge to meet and exceed industry standards.
  • Technician Equipment & Resources: Explore the essential tools and resources required for technicians to perform at their best.
  • Technician Retention: Discuss strategies to retain top talent in a competitive field, ensuring continuity and quality of service.
  • Customer Support & Deliverables: Define the expectations for customer support and the deliverables that set companies apart in the EVSE sector.

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