Kate Kruk

Partner & Engagement Director

Kate Kruk is the Director of Community Engagement for Lynkwell. Kate is charged with educating the public about electric vehicles, the infrastructure to support them, and the economic development possibilities related to e-mobility. 

Kate has been driving electric since 2015, and her experience with the early bumps in the road, combined with her background in education, led to her pursuing her passion for promoting the benefits of green technology. Kate advocates for EVs through her work on the Board of the National Electric Vehicle Association, as City Captain for the Nation’s #1 Drive Electric Week event, and as co-chair of the New York State Tourism Industry Association’s Sustainability Task Force. 

She has served as vice president of her local school board and actively supports green technology workforce development through collaboration with Career & Technical Education programs, STEM High Schools, and local colleges.   

Kate has been recognized for her excellence in the field by Plug In America as City Captain of the Year and the EVA’s Chapter Leader of the Year. 

Kate Kruk’s Session(s):

2:20 pm–2:50 pm | Fri, March 22, 2024

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