Nneka Kibuule

Aligned Climate Capital

Nneka Kibuule is a Principal at Aligned Climate Capital, an asset manager investing exclusively in the people, companies, and real assets that are decarbonizing the global economy. Nneka holds a decade of experience in finance, operations, strategy for a variety of organizations including utilities, nonprofits, startups, Fortune 100 companies, and investing firms. She founded GreenTech Noir, a convening of Black founders, investors, and luminaries passionate about clean energy and climate tech innovation. Nneka holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, a Masters in Energy Finance from Tulane, and a BS in Finance from Hampton University. 

Nneka Kibuule’s Session(s):

1:40 pm–2:25 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

VC Funding: An Investor’s Perspective on Raising Capital in the EV Space

In the EV space, it’s easy to start a business but more challenging to be successful. You can’t pick up the paper without reading a negative article on EVs.  How do you ignore the present day and look to the future to find innovative business models positioned for success?

In this panel, you’ll hear various investors’ views on raising capital in the EV space, including those investing in software and hardware at different funding stages. They’ll share the trends they’re seeing that can help position your business for success and external factors (like the upcoming election) that could impact investment decisions. Don’t miss this critical conversation for any business owner raising capital.

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