Victor Saltão


Victor Saltão has held various leadership positions in operations, project finance, and management within global companies specializing in infrastructure transportation and manufacturing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), focusing on sustainability and mobility solutions. Victor has played a crucial role in developing and implementing i-charging’s North American footprint, introducing innovative DC fast charging systems through distributors, resellers, and service provider partners. He is dedicated to fostering a greener future and driving clean energy initiatives for sustainable mobility and infrastructure electrification in North American markets.

Victor has effectively executed corporate strategy, managed business units, and established a successful track record of cultivating strategic partnerships. He has led international development operations in the United States, South America, Europe, and Africa, committed to customer service, innovation, and integrating new technologies in mobility and transportation. With a history of managing cross-functional teams and steering complex projects to successful completion, Victor is an expert in translating strategic vision into everyday business operations. He possesses strong problem-solving skills, a customer-focused approach, and effective team leadership and communication abilities. Victor combines a builder’s mindset with meticulous attention to detail, employing a results-driven approach to achieve organizational objectives through meaningful partnerships.

As a personally influential leader, Victor has a proven track record of developing high-level relationships, alliances, and connections beyond his industry’s marketplace. His energetic, strategic, and entrepreneurial outlook and positive attitude allow him to embrace climate-driven constraints, change, and disruption in the evolving business environment. With 25 years of international experience, Victor brings a wealth of multicultural leadership expertise.

Victor Saltão’s Session(s):

3:20 pm–3:50 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

Incorporating Fleet Management into Your Operations

This panel will look at fleet management optimization through the operations lens. Topics discussed include:

  • Core challenges when it comes to fleet management charging
  • How to ensure fleet charging infrastructure is optimized to fit your operation’s needs
  • Ways to increase efficiencies through hyper-reliable software solutions
  • Integrating all components of fleet management into one solution for easier management and maintenance
  • Remote troubleshooting and recovering faster from an interruption
  • Dynamic load balancing to optimize charger power consumption

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