Will 'WD' Scherle

Director of Decarbonization
Soulful Synergy, LLC.

Will ‘WD’ Scherle is based out of Brooklyn, New York and is currently the Director of Decarbonization for Soulful Synergy, a workforce development firm specializing in construction, clean energy, and OSHA Trainings. Mr. Scherle has over 15 years of experience in decarbonization and has helped implement electrification strategies for some of the largest organizations in the world. Workforce development changed WD’s life forever and he is dedicated to working with individuals and organizations to make a positive impact. To increase EV adoption in New York, Mr. Scherle and Soulful Synergy developed a one-of-a-kind Transportation Electrification Training. This training was awarded funding to be delivered remotely and asynchronously, to teach individuals how to charge electric vehicles, conduct site feasibility assessments, and determine each site’s charging needs. The training is 100% FREE for all New Yorkers and has already helped individuals and organizations learn the benefits of EV’s, available sources of funding, and why increasing EV adoption is so important for New York. 

Will 'WD' Scherle’s Session(s):

9:00 am–11:00 am | Wed, March 20, 2024

(Workshop A) EV Charging 101: Site-Host Selection, Install & Operations *SOLD OUT*

Conducting a Transportation Electrification Feasibility Study (TEFS) is the first step in determining if Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is appropriate for your site. Our session will teach participants that each EV Charging Equipment (EVCE) installation project differs. Certain site characteristics will be important in determining the charging infrastructure that should be installed. Soulful Synergy's Training will walk participants through the different steps of conducting a Feasibility Study, helping people understand the important data to be collected and factors that will determine the site's charging needs and limitations. 

This training will teach participants:

  • Important site characteristics to consider when designing and developing EVCE Projects
  • How to calculate charging needs and charging costs
  • Importance of managed charging to meet site requirements

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