William Rigsby

VP of Sales and Operations

Will Rigsby is VP of Sales and Operations for NovaCHARGE. With over 15 years of EV driving and EV infrastructure experience, Will brings a veteran's view and real-world examples, learnings, and deep knowledge about all facets of the EV ecosystem. His current responsibilities at NovaCHARGE span sales, installations, operations, and customer support for utility and commercial strategic accounts.

William Rigsby’s Session(s):

4:00 pm–6:00 pm | Wed, March 20, 2024

(Workshop G) Networks for a Supercharged EV World – What You Need to Know!

Join NovaCHARGE for a deep-dive overview of networks for seamless operation in EV driving and EV charging.  During this two-hour session, Will Rigsby from NovaCHARGE will cover the “must-know”  information about the ins and outs.  With his 15+ years of experience in EV driving and EV charging, he’ll bring real-world insights into why networks and software have transitioned to be the most important element in the EV ecosystem today and for the future. This session will be a mix of education and open conversation with the audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of networks for EV hosts, owners, and drivers
    • What is a network, what is a CPMS, and why are they important? 
    • What is involved in integrating charging hardware and software?
    • What to look for when selecting a network?
    • “Open Standards vs Closed Standards”- Why should you care?
  • What features and capabilities are important for today’s networks?
    • How important is reliability?
    • Real-time responsiveness
    • Data accuracy
    • Creating ROI in EV charging
    • Importance of roaming agreements
  • What will the future of EV ecosystem networks look like?
    • Should we all just go buy a Tesla?
    • What is OCPI?
    • What are the EV automakers doing?
    • How does ISO 15118 play a role?
    • And what about AI?  Will we see its use - how and when?

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