Tammie Bostick

Prime Investigator
Department of Energy - Utah Clean Cities and Communities

Tammie Bostick leads Utah Clean Cities (UCC) as executive director with a passion for clean fuels, clean air and clean strategies. Utah Clean Cities is an award-winning nonprofit with advanced transportation projects across Utah, the western region, and nationally. Tammie serves as the Vice Chair of Transportation Energy Partners, TEP, a nationwide collaborative dedicated to the Energy Independence Summit held annually in DC.

Since 2021, she has served on the Utah State University ASPIRE Societal Impact committee focusing on near-port communities
and underfunded transportation areas. She advises the Utah Inland Port Authority Community Advisory Council’s Environment, Air Quality, and Sustainability Committee. Utah Clean Cities is the lead on the nationally recognized project EVZion, electric demonstration for the East Zion Initiative and ChargeWest-West Electric Highway; an 8 Western State collaboration that is the largest alternative fuel corridor in the United States.

Tammie addresses private and public leadership locally and nationally on the future of transportation and climate communication focusing on actionable steps for transportation including advanced fuels, vehicles, and the visionary deployments of new technologies. Her work focuses on clean energy transitions with renewable and bio-fuels, electric, and hydrogen deployments.

Tammie was inducted into the Department of Energy Clean Cities Hall of Fame in 2022.

Tammie Bostick’s Session(s):

8:00 am–9:30 am | Thu, March 21, 2024

National & State Parks

1:45 pm–2:30 pm | Thu, March 21, 2024

ChargeWest Case Study: Revolutionizing Intermountain West Transportation

Join us for an electrifying session at the EV Charging Expo as we delve into the pioneering efforts of ChargeWest in transforming EV transportation across the Intermountain West. Discover how ChargeWest, in collaboration with eight states, is creating a strategic network of EV charging stations every 50 miles along major corridors, expanding to heavy-use rural Scenic Byways and All-American roads. Learn about the FHWA and DOE VTO Alternative Fuel Corridors initiatives and how ChargeWest™@Scale program works together, driving regional and national connectivity along alternative fuel corridors. Explore how this initiative works with state NEVI Plans, Critical Infrastructure, and Microgrids, including off-grid solutions. Additionally, tap into the workforce development initiatives that are the foundation of this large initiative on a state, regional, and national level. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the future of transportation and explore how you can be part of the movement toward a greener, more sustainable future with electric transportation, EVSE, and infrastructure.

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